Chevrolet Cruze: European Launch

European launch campaign for the Chevrolet Cruze. Based on the idea of the Cruze changing the rules of its class, rule-changing heroes from around the world were featured in a cross-media campaign that included television, digital, social, viral, radio, print, point of sale and events. The commercials were also filmed in a way that would allow any market to insert its own rule-changing personalities, with world record polar explorer Borge Ousland and world land speed record holder Richard Noble leading the kickoff. The campaign aired in 16 European countries plus Mexico and Central America. 

Digital, viral and social channels also featured a partnership with the MoFilm mobile filmmaking festival. Via a pan-European contest, entrants were offered the chance to win VIP festival access in exchange for uploading mobile films that featured the new Cruze.  Prior to the official launch, major European markets held a separate contest to give non-Chevrolet owners the opportunity to attend a private test drive even in Santander, Spain. Their experience with the new Cruze was filmed and distributed through a viral campaign that launched in each national market 72 hours before the Cruze was available in showrooms.