InterContinental Hotels

Print and in-hotel campaign to promote direct online booking of InterContinental Group properties. From a brief to address the concerns of security, availability and accuracy, the campaign recruited TinTin as its lead character. With permission from Hergé's estate, real TinTin comic panels were redrawn to create an adventure about each online concern, with TinTin and InterContinental as the hero. Special promotions were also created for each hotel brand: from limited edition volumes in InterContinental Hotels suites to kids' activity books for Holiday Inn family guests.


Re-branding of InterContinental Hotels' signature loyalty program. Previously called Six Continents Club, the challenge was to integrate the new program with the Group's popular Priority Club Rewards scheme, while developing a new set of five-star benefits exclusively for InterContinental guests. The project included branding, name development, logo and card design, print, digital marketing, direct mail, hotel signage, in-room materials, stationery and staff training.